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Welcome to the
Tryon and Associates
Web Site

My name is Chuck Tryon and I welcome you to this site.  Since 1987, I've had the privilege to deliver project-centric training to hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of some of the greatest professionals in locations around the world.  What great fun and how blessed I've been.  While I've shifted my focus to the healthcare industry, I remain active guiding several initiatives that promise to help reduce the cost of healthcare while also improving patient outcomes. 

I made two presentations for the 2016 Tulsa TechFest.  My first presentation identified the keys to gaining full value from Project Management, both on an organizational and personal level.  The second, titled Project Management's Missing Link is based on my most recent book titled Project Identification.

A REAL JOB:  After almost 30 years working independently under the Tryon and Associates umbrella, I have taken a full-time position with the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa.  I am part of the Medical Informatics Department under Dr. David Kendrick.  I worked for David earlier helping him launch one of the most successful health information exchanges in the country.  My current role is as Project Manager for the $12 million AHRQ grant, Healthy Hearts of Oklahoma.  This national study examines the use of evidence-based guidelines around Aspirin use (A), blood pressure control (B), cholesterol management using statins (C) and smoking cessation as the keys to improving heart health. 

I spend part of each week with Utica Park Clinics and the Hillcrest Hospital system where in 2014 we were selected for a CMS innovation project. the Comprehensive Primary Care initiative or CPC.  This 3 year endeavor was so successful that CMS is expanding it to a 5 year CPC+ program.  This multi-payer initiative pioneers CMS's shift from provider reimbursements from "fee for service" to reimbursements tied to outcome quality and keeping patients well.  At Hillcrest hospital, we have dramatically reduced readmissions by redesigning processes for identifying patients at risk for readmission, improving medication management and streamlining complex patient discharges.  I am also guiding UPC in the creation of an enterprise-wide inventory of their tacit and explicit knowledge assets.

In 2009, I helped the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa launch a two-year School of Community Medicine (SCM) for 3rd and 4th year medical students.  After completing their first two years at the OU College of Medicine in Oklahoma City, students would transfer to the SCM for specialized medical education that emphasized working with an underserved population.  Beginning in Fall, 2015, the SCM welcomed the first class of four year students.  It was a privilege to manage the Curriculum, Student Services and Simulation Center at OU Tulsa (SCOUT) components of the SCM Expansion project.

In addition to the projects listed above, I am also on faculty with OU-Tulsa as an adjunct in the Organizational Dynamics Department (ODYN).  There, I teach graduate courses on Knowledge Management and Project Management.

Such great fun working with incredible people!

BMX RACING:  Now if you really want to know that drives me right now, it is my three grandkids, two of whom are serious BMX racers.  Most weekends, you will find us traveling a five state area looking for a great place to race.  It is the best exercise I've found for young kids and provides an opportunity for wonderful friendships.  I've was also part of the effort to move the headquarters for USA BMX to Tulsa and to launch the construction of the largest in-door BMX racing facility on the Expo Square grounds.  That is my "REAL" job.  

HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS:  As you can see, I am focused on helping to transform the way healthcare is delivered across the United States.  So many people complain about the cost of healthcare, I get to work with some of the most intelligent, compassionate healthcare reform leaders who are actually doing something about it.  Healthcare represents a $3 trillion/year industry with estimates that one third of that amount does not deliver value.  The goals for healthcare transformation are the triple aims of improving patient care, reducing costs while delivering a better patient experience.  Click here for a summary of products and services I use in my work with this vital market.

Three years as the Chief of Program and Knowledge Management at MyHealth Access Network and my work on the University of Oklahoma Physicians PCMH (Patient-Center Medical Home) project provided me an uncommon understanding of the issues surrounding patient data.  I am deeply immersed in meaningful use requirements, payment model reforms, interoperability strategies and patient data integrations.

Any healthcare organization planning to capture usable patient data for quality reporting or analytics must establish consistent processes for how they interact with their patients.  To meet that need, I pioneered methods for clinical event modeling that enable a healthcare organization to define policies that incorporate modern healthcare delivery philosophies and then transition those policies into effective workflows.

I shared my thoughts on the current state of healthcare data interoperability at the 2014 IHE Connectathon Conference in Chicago.  As the Co-Chair of the ONC sponsored Beacon-EHR Vendor Affinity Group, I guided a task force comprised of interoperability specialists, meaningful use experts and EHR vendor representatives through the MU Stage 2 requirements for Transitions of Care (ToC), View Online / Download / Transmit (VDT) and Secure Communications.  Those results were delivered to the ONC in December of 2013 and are slated for official certification and publication in early 2014. 

Based on my work with the Tulsa Beacon project, I contributed to several of the Beacon Learning Guides that capture the most significant “lessons-learned” from the Beacon program.

NEW BOOK:  I have just completed a new book titled PROJECT IDENTIFICATION: Capturing Great Ideas to Dramatically Improve Your Organization.  The book was released by CRC Press (a Division of Taylor and Francis) in April 2015.  This book is based on two concepts that I've presented over the years in my workshops:

  • Organizations need a structured process to identify and select candidate projects for project initiation and execution.  New project identification is often left to political persuasion and financial limitations.
  • To fully utilize the knowledge assets of the our employees, organizations should implement a formal mechanism to document and manage new, "great ideas" to solve problems and introduce new products or services. 

My Knowledge Management book, MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL KNOWLEDGE: 3rd Generation Knowledge Management ... and Beyond! is available from popular book sites including Amazon and CRC Press.   This book is being used as a graduate level text by several universities and has been listed by the publisher as a best seller.  I have attached a brochure on the book that includes information and a couple of reviews. 

The Convergence of Project Management and Knowledge Management is also available for purchase from your favorite book supply.  This is a "chapter book" that includes contributions from a variety of authors, including yours truly.  In Chapter 6, I introduce the concept of "project-based knowledge management" along with my research on improving the productivity of knowledge workers.

This website is available for open viewing.  The templates located in the News and Information area are some of the most popular and commonly accessed elements of this site.  All have been extensively field tested and proven useful.  They are also available FREE!  I have organized the content of this site into the following topic areas:

 SEMINARS AND SERVICES   This is where you will find both overview and detail descriptions for many of my courses along with information about the consulting services I offer.

 NEWS AND INFORMATION   A primary goal of my site is to be an portal to information, products and services that are related to the seminars and consulting I offer.  I have gathered templates, forms, processes, articles, position papers, links and general reference materials that you may find interesting and useful.  This is the most popular area of my site.  What you will find here is lots of good information.   What you will NOT find are fees and restrictions.

 COMPANY INFORMATION   If you want to know more about who I are and what I believe in, look here.            

Chuck_Tryon.jpg (34388 bytes)You are invited to email me directly with questions about
Tryon and Associates
by simply clicking on my name below. 
You are also welcome to call me at the 918-625-8258. 

Thank you for visiting.

Chuck Tryon

j0326214.wmf (8154 bytes) WHAT'S NEW...

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SEMINARS - After four years of research, study and field testing, I created Managing Organizational Knowledge: 3rd Generation Knowledge Management ... and Beyond!.  This workshop is based my book by the same title.  In a 2006 presentation, I introduced the notion of using naturally occurring projects as the basis for managing vital organizational knowledge.  Revolutionary thought at the time, the idea has developed a significant following.  This new KM seminar; 1) explains why knowledge management is becoming one of the most significant issues organizations must face, 2) provides the foundational concepts and vocabulary required to address knowledge management intelligently and 3) identifies several major breakthroughs in KM thought including...

  • Why organizational knowledge is distinctive from general and individual knowledge.
  • The components that define organizational knowledge.
  • A new model for managing organizational knowledge that integrates projects, repeatable processes and knowledge artifacts.
  • Why and how to create a Knowledge Retention Policy that includes a formal inventory of knowledge assets.

A second KM-related seminar titled Organizing Knowledge and Information: Principles and Practices for Enhanced Knowledge Retrieval is also now available.  This short session was designed to meet the organizational challenge of exploding content growth in corporate repositories.  The seminar explains some very practical guidelines that will make your repositories easier to use and make content easier to find.

If you wish to examine some of my views on KM further, the following items are available through this website...

  • A position paper on Bridging the Knowledge Gap that presents the case for and the content of a Knowledge Retention Policy.  Due to the significance of this topic, it is presented as Part One and Part Two.
  • A position paper titled Project-Based Knowledge Management

SYMPOSIUMS/CONFERENCES - One of my greatest pleasure is speaking to professional organizations on new developments affecting Knowledge Management, Project Management and Business Requirements.  Below is a list of my upcoming events.  I have also included my appearances from the past few years so you may check with the organizers to obtain a referral.

I offer a variety of challenging and informative talks that will entertain and inform your group or corporate organization..  If you would like to schedule me for one of your meetings, contact me at or call 918-625-8258.

WEB INTERVIEW LINK - I was interviewed by Tom Cagley of David Consulting Group as the feature for his bi-monthly podcast.  He contacted me to talk about my views and visions for Knowledge Management.  Tom is the president of the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG).  He refers to this interview as the most important he has conducted.  Tom's interview with me begins at the approximate 1/3 mark of the slider.  I found that Tom asked the right questions and did a good job preparing for this interview.

PROJECT CHARTER UPDATE - I have released Version 2.0 of my highly popular Project Charter.  This document is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to successfully launch their projects.  Version 2.0 provides two significant changes over the previous version.

  • Project Goals and Objectives are now combined into a single topic.  As projects have become more proficient at creating Project Goals to identify improvements their project will provide to the larger organization, we have recognized a more direct link to specific Project Objectives that can certify these improvements.  It was a natural next-step to combine these two components.  This is also a natural starting point for defining detailed Project Scope.

  • Affected Knowledge Assets is a new addition to the Project Charter.  This topic recognizes the growing crisis over the potential loss of vital organizational knowledge AND the reality that projects encounter all types of important knowledge assets on a regular basis.  Listing the significant knowledge assets that will be affected by a project highlights the importance of these assets and makes it more likely that the organization will insure their refinement during a project.  Adding this component is a direct result of current work on Project-Based Knowledge Management.

MANAGING LAW ENFORCEMENT INITIATIVES - In January, 2004, Tryon and Associates launched a partnership with the Tulsa Police Department on a training program that promotes officer safety and may help reduce crime in the Tulsa community.  The ultimate goal is to provide an ongoing source of new ideas to improve Tulsa PD.  As cities feel the economic squeeze from reduced tax collections and limited internal funding, they may partner with community groups to create alternate programs to reduce crime or redirect young offenders.  Federal and state agencies often provide grants for such endeavors, but few in law enforcement have been trained in identifying, launching, controlling and closing these initiatives. 

Tryon and Associates created a new training seminar for this purpose titled Managing Law Enforcement InitiativesThe goal of this training is to help law enforcement officers and support organizations...

  • Clearly document and propose ideas they wish to see become  implemented programs.

  • Manage approved, funded initiatives using proven Project Management techniques. 

While this seminar was created with and for the Tulsa Police Department, the concepts and materials are applicable to any law enforcement organization.  This material is supported with easy to use processes and templates tailored to the law enforcement environment.  Tulsa PD's Initiative Proposal template may be downloaded along with a short guide on Proposing a New Initiative.  (Read the Tulsa World article on the MLEI program.)

CCSAS PROJECT - During the first six months of 2000, Tryon and Associates guided the State of California's efforts to create a Project Charter to launch a multi-year project to create a single state-wide automated system for child support programs.  One of the most significant innovations of this charter is the mapping of Goal Sets into Business Goals and then to Automated System Objectives.   This information will also be linked to business requirements that will be used for vendor proposals.  You may also be interested in a very unique and highly successful approach FTB uses to procure technology products.  They don't pay vendors to write code!

Training With Integrity!

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